Any family can do HypnoBirthing!

HypnoBirthing® families come from a variety of backgrounds and philosophies. They give birth in hospitals, homes, and birthing centers. They are 1st time, 2nd time, even 10th time parents! Some exclusively use an OB/GYN while others also hire a doula and/or a midwife.

HB Families simply want to experience a calmer, more peaceful birth.

This is accomplished first by examining the many myths, misunderstandings, fears, and emotions about birth that reside in the subconscious. Many women and men spend the first part of their life being exposed to stories and images that almost exclusively describe birth as dangerous, scary, and just plain awful. Similarly to how stress affects work, school, and athletic performance, these negative perceptions are stressful and can inhibit the body's natural birth process.

The HypnoBirthing® course clears out these negative perceptions and makes room for a confident understanding of what birth without fear looks like, feels like, and even sounds like. Learning about the history and physiology of birth and watching calm birth videos effectively accomplish this very necessary step in creating a calm birth experience.

HypnoBirthing® is not just a philosophy! It is also a technique. The skills taught in the HypnoBirthing® series allow mom to contribute to her birthing experience while also deeply trusting that her birthing body and baby are capable of accomplishing birth. Special breathing techniques work with surges to make them more effective, while preventing exhaustion and hyperventilation. Self-hypnosis rewrites a family's beliefs about normal, natural birth and conditions mom and birth companion to stay as relaxed as possible during labor.

This process of dehypnotizing and re-educating the family takes place over a 5 week period at the Natural Beginnings space in Manasquan. The class series is $300 for group and $450 for private sessions.

• 12 hours of information packed class time.
• Education on why birth does not have to be painful.
• Your own copy of the 302-page HypnoBirthing Text "HypnoBirthing-- The Mongan Method".
• 5 professionally written scripts.
• 2 CDs for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding.
• Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences.
• A set of Birth Prompts for your birth Companion.
• Hypnosis session for building birth confidence and eliminating fears.
Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birthing.
• Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birthing.
• Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labor and during birthing.
• Small classes for personal attention.
• Body toning exercises.
• The advantage and confidence of the Mongan Method reputation for top-quality birthing preparation.
Complete course outline here.
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